Innovation is not an abstract term, but the result of hard research and constant development of ideas that aim to solve problems or improve what seemed already perfect. I-LAB is the place where a team of experts try new solutions and processes. From the concept to the prototype and up to engineering: here the future welds together with the present, every day.

    Would you like to optimize your packaging?

    We analyze your packaging, then offer solutions and possibilities that aim to improve it in the required aspects, making it better performing or cost-effective.


    Do you need to
    enhance the content
    of your packaging?

    We look into the packaging and what it contains, then work out the design of the packaging or wrapping. The outcome will be a packaging structure capable of enhancing the object contained in it.


    Do you wish for
    more sustainable packaging materials?

    We examine your packaging and support you in choosing the most sustainable materials, without giving up the structural role, function and communicative mission of the packaging or wrapping.


    Are you looking for
    a structural packaging solution?

    Packaging has different tasks to perform: contain, make transportable, protect and present its contents in the best possible way. Our structural packaging service provides you with an alternative that is tailored to your needs.