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Artigrafiche Reggiane is finalist of European Carton Excellence Award

Artigrafiche Reggiane is among the 35 finalists selected by the jury of European Carton Excellence Award, the Public Award of Europe's most prestigious carton packaging award. The project in nomination is a packaging realized for Soleko - Queen’s Oros. Coloured contact lenses as luxury items had previously been packed in premium plastic and rigid material boxes. To align with a more appealing, modern and sustainable design, the brand owner chose cartonboard instead and the result perfectly conveys the value of the product as well as a feeling of urban elegance. The carton has four components: box, tray, holder and window. A magnet is concealed within the lid making opening and closing the envy of a luxury jewellery box maker. The Awards will be presented at the Award Gala of the ECMA Congress in Riga on 20th September 2018.

Artigrafiche Reggiane is sponsor of Jazz&Wine in Montalcino

From 17 to 22 July, in the fortress of Montacino (SI) will be place the 21st edition of Jazz&Wine in Montalcino.

Artigrafiche Reggiane has chosen to take part in the event in the role of main sponsor, because the festival offers good music and excellent wine. Wine&Spirits field is one of the sector where Artigrafiche Reggiane mostly operates. Let the show start!

Artigrafiche Reggiane is sponsor of GamesAid
Artigrafiche Reggiane & LAI was sponsor of the 11th of GamesAid - Annual Entertainment Industry Charity Golf & Spa Day, held on Thursday 5th July 2018 at The Grove in Watford.